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Cross Country & Track

My Lactate Threshold Training will give you the speed to make it to the end of the open field and the start of the trail before the other competitors and the aerobic fitness to be able to stay ahead of those competitors for the remainder of the race.  To help you with summer training, I often recommend my athletes run doubles (two workouts per day).  The Easy/Hard rotation would still be incorporated in the training as well as core strength and flexibility work.  Oxygen debt workouts (short, fast distance followed by longer, slower paced runs) will replicate the physiological stress your body will experience on race day.  Hills workouts are a necessity in training to help prepare you for the changes in terrain that are present in any cross country course.


Whether you are running indoor or outdoor, whether sprints, mile/1500 or longer, I can help you with out of season training so you will be ready to blast out of the blocks at your first meet.

"Dear David,
We cannot thank you enough for the program you put together for our daughter.  When she decided she wanted to try to be recruited to run in college, we knew we had to find a private coach.  Through your program, our daughter improved her 3200m time by 15 seconds!  She recently reached one of her goals - she is the state champion in the 3200 this season of outdoor track!  We are very impressed with your entire program...from your first visit, to the open lines of communication, to the clear steps to follow for improvement.  Our daughter did all you asked of her and it paid off, big time!  She is currently being recruited by several DI, DII, and DIII college programs!  Finally, we appreciate the fact that you are a gentleman who has our daughter's best interest at heart.  It is clear you care about her as a person, as well as an athlete.  We feel blessed to have you in our lives!

Very sincerely,"

— Cynthia and Mike, parents of a rising senior in high school

Today was our home XC meet and Michael ran his best time of 11:43 and 3rd overall. His teammates took 1st and 2nd; 11:25 & 11:33. The team won with 17 points. Thank you so much for the program you set up for Michael this summer. It gave him the extra speed work he needed to go to the next level. Your encouragement and belief in him was so important to his training. He has cut, on average, about one minute off his times from last year. And, we did it all through email and phone calls! Thanks. "

— Sharon, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Mother of 13 yr old XC runner

After having a serious injury involving my back, hip and knees I never thought I’d be able to run comfortably again. I followed your plan all summer to the T, and by the end I was running better than I was pre-injury. My strength, stamina, and endurance skyrocketed, and now through the help I received from your expertise I am going to be able to start my XC season confident in my abilities. Without your program, I do not know where I would be. ”

— Savannah V., Watertown, CT, Injured high school runner

Hi I just wanted to reach out say thanks for the great quality coaching service you provide your clients. We survey all of the athletes that inquire with TrainingPeaks about wanting to hire a coach and your name was mentioned in survey responses as being a great coach to work with. I appreciate the hard work as it also reflects well on the TrainingPeaks Coach Match service we offer to athletes.

I hope your business is going well and thanks again,
— Dirk Friel,, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist