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Marathon & Ultra

Training properly for a marathon or Ultra-marathon certainly does require logging miles on your feet but you can improve your performance with interval training at your Lactate Threshold.  You don’t need to have a GPS or Heart Rate Monitor do to this sort of training.  It can be done on a treadmill, on a running track, or even on the roads.  Even for these long distance races, training at short distances, like quarter mile, can bring about improved performance.

When possible, your training would include some shorter distance races as a measure of your level of fitness, such as a 10K or half marathon. 

I include core strength and flexibility exercises in your training plan.

It all starts with you contacting me so I can send you my Coaching Questionnaire.  We would connect via personal meeting, Skype®, email, text message or voice telephone call to review the form and discuss your goal, I would create your training plan.  Each week, we connect to discuss how the training went and what might need to be changed for the upcoming week’s training.  If you have questions or need some advice or guidance during the week, you can contact me.

"Best race event ever. Rained entire time. No wind. Warm. And Mud... Lots of mud. In a word, PERFECT! Felt great. Uphills in mud we're challenging but grateful for all of it. Data tells the story. Heart rate was consistent on uphills (higher) and downhills (lower). I was concerned whether the HZ training would work/apply in the race. BUT SINGLE BIGGEST IMPACT WAS THE HZ TRAINING! If David Hall didn't recommend it and stick with it and comment on my progress, I would not have gotten so much out of this training and would not have enjoyed the day as much as I enjoyed it. I may add more later but this entry caps off a meaningful, deliberate training with an impressive software, superb fitness watch and an actual coach who helped me use these tools more effectively than I ever could. I'm happy and grateful."

— Mark V., 55 yrs old, Griffith Park 50k finisher

Thanks so much for the incredible year.  I got my personal marks for distances of 15k, 21k and 42k."

— Walter M., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Many thanks indeed for your kind help during my preparation to the marathon. Your assistance was a key to help me beat my personal record by 10(!) minutes. I really appreciated our work. And I would be very happy if you allow me to get back to you when/ if I plan any similar activity in the future – maybe next year.

With warmest regards,"

— Anatoly S., Moscow, Russia, 3:20 marathoner

“I completed my first marathon by sticking to a routine I acquired from a highly recommended book. Although it was great to reach my goal, I felt a lot was missing from my training regiment and the overall experience. When I started working with Coach Hall to prepare for my 2nd marathon, I immediately noticed a substantial difference in how I felt both mentally and physically, and found much more enjoyment out of the process my second time around. His training plans were built specifically to my needs, and taught me what was needed to maintain a lifelong recreational passion for running. I highly recommend Coach Hall to a runner, regardless of their experience or goals.”

— Vinnie M., 29, West Hartford, CT

“What a wonderful year it has been. I am so proud of the improvements I have made and the accomplishments I’ve enjoyed in the sport of running, and I truly owe it all to you. Thank you so much.”

— Ona, 37, 2011 Comrades Marathon

Hi I just wanted to reach out say thanks for the great quality coaching service you provide your clients. We survey all of the athletes that inquire with TrainingPeaks about wanting to hire a coach and your name was mentioned in survey responses as being a great coach to work with. I appreciate the hard work as it also reflects well on the TrainingPeaks Coach Match service we offer to athletes.

I hope your business is going well and thanks again,
— Dirk Friel,, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist