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Helping athletes from across the state and around the world since 2004.

Running for Other Sports

Nearly every athletic sport involves running.  Whether played inside on a court or outside on a field, there is the need for the aerobic fitness to cover the area throughout the whole of the period of play, the speed and quickness to accelerate to the ball or to challenge an advancing competitor, and the ability to recover from short bursts of speed so you are ready for the next offensive or defensive attack.

I have helped athletes improve their physical conditioning for baseball, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and even rowing.  Short distance, fast paced, short recovery repetition workouts along with longer distance, aerobic pace running are the key components.  Short distance is anywhere from 10 yards to 60 yards and the longer distance running is half mile up to 3 miles.  When possible, the footwear worn by your sport is what you would wear for the training as well as holding/carrying any equipment (such as lacrosse or field hockey stick) that is part of your sport.

Core work is included in the training as well as specific leg strength work such as bounding drills.  Flexibility is also included so you can continue to have the range of motion needed for your sport.

“My son played Little League baseball. He hit the ball well but my son just was not fast enough around the bases. When he got on base, the coach would put in a pinch runner. Shortly after starting a training plan developed by Coach Hall, my son’s baseball coach commented on the improvement he saw in my son’s base running.”

— Mary, Somers

“My son is a youth soccer player and had a running form that I wanted to improve. Coach Hall not only worked up a plan that we could use with the space available around our home, he also met with us several times during the training at our home and at a local high school track to train with my son and point out some areas needing more emphasis. We even got a DVD of his first workout. Coach Hall made himself available at times that fit our schedule.”

— Julie, Rocky Hill

Hi I just wanted to reach out say thanks for the great quality coaching service you provide your clients. We survey all of the athletes that inquire with TrainingPeaks about wanting to hire a coach and your name was mentioned in survey responses as being a great coach to work with. I appreciate the hard work as it also reflects well on the TrainingPeaks Coach Match service we offer to athletes.

I hope your business is going well and thanks again,
— Dirk Friel,, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist